Great article on Melo & CBA

So this is a great article that adresses what has been a hot topic here at Stiffs for the past week: the CBA and how it relates to Melo. Apparently, A) Melo isn't afraid of testing the new CBA; B) The Nuggets likely won't look to trade him til Dec. 15; and C) David Stern used to work in a deli???

Quotes I found interesting:

Maybe that is why a person familiar with Anthony's strategy told me that Melo is fully prepared to spend the entire season in Denver without signing an extension and then take his chances under the new deal.

"Carmelo is not afraid to go into next year and test the CBA," the person said.

Several sources involved in the Anthony trade discussions continued to maintain Friday that the Nuggets will likely decide to move him after Dec. 15, when numerous players become trade-eligible -- thus widening the field of assets at Denver's disposal. But no team is going to take Anthony on a rental basis. More to the point: If Anthony believes there's a chance he'll have to accept a pay cut anyway under a hard-cap system with rollbacks, why not wait it out and sign with the team he really wants to play for, the Knicks?

Stern was asked Friday for the second consecutive day about all things labor, this time on his preseason tipoff conference call with NBA media -- which typically is a chance for the former deli worker-turned-sports titan to spread his unique brand of sunshine on the masses. One of the more interesting questions was about Anthony and other stars trying to force their way to other teams, and whether that's good or bad for the sport.

Stern said it didn't bother him "in the least," so at least he's consistent. In the months leading up to the free-agent summer of 2010, Stern applauded the free-agent rights players had negotiated in the CBA while pointing out that the system was built to give the home team an advantage by paying more money.

"The players have no obligation to sign a contract," Stern said Friday. "And I remember these guys -- what were their names? -- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who actually asked to be traded; Patrick Ewing, who asked to be traded. Here we have a player who's keeping his options open. That's his right under the collective bargaining agreement, and I don't think it's fair to hold him to a higher standard."


My reaction:

  • If Melo isn't afraid of entering the free-agent market under the new CBA I assume that means he's willing to take less money to sign with the Knicks. The simple fact that Melo is not afraid of the new CBA consolidates the Nuggets chances of resigning him in the off-season even more. That is, of course, unless we have a monster post-season and get back to the WCFs, or dare I say, even beat the Lakers and advance to the NBA Finals. But, this article is written with the idea of rolling back contracts to fit a new CBA, thus makng our extention "a mirage." If for some reason under the new CBA out extension is still valid, it gives us the appeal of signing for more money, or at least the ability to get something in return for Melo if he remains dead-set on going to the Knicks.
  • Dec. 15 sounds fine to me. This should allow the team to prove to Melo that it still can play with the best of them, and just in case a trade does go down, we'd have a handful of games in the win column that we wouldn't have had without Melo. These could help us down the line when we'd be fighting for a playoff spot
  • I thought, personally of course, that Stern made a couple great points here. I know the Lebron thing is still fresh in everyone's mind, especially those who are fans of the NBA and not just the Nuggets. No matter how egotistical, narcassistic or whatever other self-centered trait you feel Lebron may have displayed on his one hour ESPN special, "The Decision," you have to keep in mind: he was a FREE-AGENT! He wasn't under contract, for anyone, any longer. His time with the Cavs was officially over, and he, as an NBA player, was FREE to sign wherever he wanted. Did he make a big deal out of it? Absolutely 100%, no doubt about it. But are you really going to hold THAT against him? The fact that the most publicized free agent in the history of sports went a little over the top in announcing he was switching teams? Really? I mean, it was a pretty freakin' big deal, and in the heat of the moment kind of seemed fitting. Bottom line: If it's only the fact that his display of narcissism was what offended you, then I have three words for you: get over it! I'm sorry, but I'm just tired of dwelling on this. It seems like you can't go anywhere without reading about it, especially here where Andrew's joined the militia in taking an extremely harsh stance against Lebron and letting everyone know about it too. I just thought the quotes were kind of interesting, and figured I'd throw my two cents in as always!

So what are your thought on the article? On Melo? On the new CBA? Or help us all, on Lebron? Please share.

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