LaLa on XM Rawdog Comedy....

So this weekend on a trip out to Portland to the Steve Hunt Classic NPDA (that's parliamentary debate for you lay types) tournament, we switched off the house/dub-step for a bit right around Tri-Cities or The Dalles and caught everyone's favorite team-wrecker on an interview on xm radio's comedy station.

Oh shit you better jump there's a bar right here.

Now, why she's funny enough to merit an interview on a comedy station to promote her reality mini-series about the wedding is beyond me, and she sure as hell didn't show any comedic talent in her interview. Here are just some casual observations/thoughts I got as I listened to the farce:

  • She's super-narcissistic.
    Her use of the singular first-person pronoun was scary. From her use of language it seems that Melo figured very little in her choice to film the wedding and make a show out of it. I think she used 'we' or 'us' once for every ten-plus times she said the words 'I' or 'me'
  • She has an inflated sense of her own fame.
    Despite the entirety of her entertainment resume summed up in two letters: dj, she seems to think that she's done 'a lot' and made her mark on entertainment. Sorry LaLa, but you're on a comedy radio station trying to promote some said reality tv show you think is going to get you attention. Admittedly the host did set her up--he praised her for her 'work in radio, on tv as a vj for all those years, and all the other great things [she's] done.' Her response was just as pathetic: 'yeah, I loved radio, I loved being a vj, and I loved all the other cool stuff I've done too'. Obviously these are paraphrases, but they're scary-accurate.
  • She is most likely the team wrecker we make her out to be.
    We stiffs here talk as though she's a diva demanding Melo move her to a big city. I think it's sadder than that--she want's Melo to move to that big market so that she can ride his coattails to broader fame. I think that she's sick of doing promos on meaningless satellite radio shows--she wants back into the big time.

Overall I was not impressed. I read on here somewhere that she tweeted that she wasn't trying to get Melo to move anywhere. I call shenanigans. She's still trying to get back into the game, despite not doing anything of worth when she was in it, and in order to that she needs Melo playing for the Nets or the Knicks or even (this would be priceless) the Clippers.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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