The Nuggets' horrendous schedule over the next 11 games (with pictures too!!!)

According to Hollinger's SOS rating on his Power rankings, the Nuggets' opponents so far have a combined record of .474, which is the third easiest in the NBA. However, over the next 11 games, it is going to get much harder. There's also another pretty hard stretch from Feb. 28 against the Lakers to March 7 against the Blazers, but we can discuss that when we get there. I'd love for the Nuggets to go 7-4 in this stretch, but I see 6-5 as more realistic.

Here's the actual schedule itself copied from the Nuggets home page:

January Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Mon 25  vs Charlotte  7:00pm  Altitude  
 Wed 27  @ Houston    6:30pm  Altitude  
 Fri 29  @ Oklahoma City    6:00pm  Altitude2  
 Sun 31  @ San Antonio    11:00am    
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Mon 01  vs Sacramento  7:00pm  Altitude  
 Wed 03  vs Phoenix  8:30pm  Altitude  
 Fri 05  @ LA Lakers    8:30pm  Altitude  
 Sat 06  @ Utah    7:00pm  Altitude  
 Tue 09  vs Dallas  7:00pm  Altitude  
 Thu 11  vs San Antonio  8:30pm    
 Thu 18  @ Cleveland    6:00pm    


Also, there is a game at home against Boston after a roadie against Washington.

Looking at this, I see the Nuggets going 2-2 for the rest of January given our struggles on the road, then getting revenge against Sac-Town at home. We'll go 1-1 against Phoenix and the Lakers, then go 2-2 the rest of the way. At Utah will be on the second of a back-to-back, so we might as well give it away now. I'm sure that we can hold our home court against Dallas and San Antonio, but at Cleveland is difficult. Actually, I don't see 5-6 out of the realm of possibility, given that sometimes the Nuggets drop random games that they're supposed to win.


The first of these games will be against the surging Charlotte Bobcats (via


The Next one will be at the Houston Rockets (via


A Friday night matchup at the OKC Lightning Thunder will ensue (via


Next will be a Sunday morning game in San Antonio against Manu Ginobili and the Spurs (via


Our first game of February will be a revenge game against the Kings (via


We'll play the Suns after that (via


A Friday-Saturday road-road back-to-back against the Lakers and the Jazz will be next (via


... (via


Hey, we get to play this guy's team next! (via


This time, on Feb. 11, we get to play the Spurs at home! And it is the last game before the All-Star Break! (via


And finally, to cap it all off, the Nuggets will cap it off with a road date with the Cavs! (via


It will be interesting to look back on this and the poll after this stretch is over to see how accurate my/our predictions were.

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