Nuggets Fan Featured In CBS4 Report Dies

I believe ABC/ESPN ran a piece about him during the game he attended.

Very sad, I send my condolences to his loved ones. May he rest in peace.

Jun 9, 2009 9:26 am US/Mountain

Nuggets Fan Featured In CBS4 Report Dies

Marvin 'Henchi' Graves Was A Popular Performer

DENVER (CBS4) ― A lifelong entertainer and die hard Denver Nuggets fan featured in a CBS4 report last month has passed away.

Marvin "Henchi" Graves, 64, died on Monday morning in the Denver area. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Like the Nuggets did during their excellent season, Graves made some noise in his day as one of two lead singers for the 1970's R&B group the Freddi-Henchi Band.

In the late years of his life in Denver, Graves attended 4 to 5 Nuggets games per season. Last month the Denver Post printed a story about Graves and how he was near death and was hoping for one last chance to see the Nuggets play.

The HospiceCare Center of Boulder and Broomfield counties got several offers, including one from Dan Cook who invited Graves into his suite at the Pepsi Center.

At the game, Graves received autographs from the players and coaches, plus he got to see his team beat the Los Angeles Lakers at home in the Western Conference finals. Graves told CBS4 he had a message for all Nuggets fans: "Keep on rocking."

"Colorado lost a music legend today," his friend and former industry colleague Clifford Johnson wrote to CBS4 in an email.
"He was an amazing person and will be missed by many," friend Les Peterson wrote to CBS4 via email.

The Freddi-Henchi Band started performing in Colorado in 1967 and, after a brief hiatus, returned to the music scene in 1995.

Additional Resources

The Freddi-Henchi Band formed in the 1960s when Graves partnered with Fred Gowdy. Visit their Web site.

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