Keys to Winning tonight's game

1. Hustle, Hustle, Hustle:

A big part of the success in Game 4 was the elevated effort everyone put in.  The trio of Nene, Birdman, and Kenyon combined for 42 out of the 58 rebounds they collected.  I read somewhere (I forgot I think it was here) how the rebounding strategy changed for the Nuggets.  Instead of going for the actual rebound they just tip it to someone that can easily pick it up, and it worked marvelously!

2. Phil Jackson's Crashball

Phil Jackson during the game described the Nuggets style of offense as "crashball".  I'd prefer the name to be "Nuggets Ball", this type of play is what the Nuggets do best.  When we deviate from that and try to be a perimeter jump shot team is when we struggle.  It's ok to jump shoot every now and then to pull people away from the paint.  Think of football's "West Coast Offense" when they essentially use pass plays to open up the box to set up running plays.  We drive hard down the middle, the Nuggets win the game.

3. Better subsitutions

This is one thing George Karl hasn't done very successfully this series.  Chauncey is a beast, but he needs some rest too, so when AC comes in relive Chauncey put him on anyone else than Kobe Bryant.  AC is just too short and slow to defend him.  He can be effective defending Derek Fisher and Farmar and Brown.  George Karl needs to make sure he has at least JR Smith (Or Swish as I like to call him) or Dahntay Jones on Kobe.  Don't forget about Linas Klieza either, if Carmelo still isn't 100% don't be hesistant to put LK in.  Klieza has finally shown up and has a renewed confidence, he's fast and physical which has always provided problems against the Lakers.

4. Keep smacking the Lakers around

This isn't meant to be a hack-a-Laker defense, but a commitment to keep being physical with the Lakers.  They're wearing down (Kobe to an extent) and getting beat mentally.  Kenyon has this down pat, when ever a player gets hot he fouls them hard (See Trevor Ariza in Game 2).  The Lakers don't respond well to that kind of adversity and literally get timid towards the lane.  This is the success Boston had in last years finals.  The Lakers are soft and it's showing

I'm anticipating a close game, then again the first two games at the Staples Center have been.  But the Lakers are on their heels so they'll bring it, we have to be ready.  If we follow these steps the Nuggets will be able to close this series out in the Pepsi Center (In perfect fashion)...


P.S.  GO MAGIC!  I would literally giggle like a schoolgirl if we have a Nuggets-Magic NBA finals

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