Grasping at straws now

So this one is a bit of a stretch. I can already here you guys lining up now to blast me in the comments section. Before you do though, just look at it at least.  So you're going to blast me because we take Eddy Curry in the deal.  You're probably going to blast me because we lose JR.  However, I find JR to be rather inconsistent so I'm not sure the loss is as big as it seems, talent-wise I feel like we are getting good return.  Again, I'm grasping at straws here.  I'm starting to really believe we won't be able to make a trade at all because quite frankly there are just not that many good big men out there to be had that we can really trade for, so here goes (be gentle)

Denver-Sends JR Smith and Renaldo Balkman to Minnesota, sends Malik Allen to New York

Minnesota- Sends Mark Blount to NY, Sends Ramon Sessions to Denver

New York- Sends Eddy Curry and Danilo Gallinari to Denver


How it works- well to be frank its wicked complicated.  Denver sends all three players to New York in exchange for Curry, New York then Sends JR and Balkman to Minny for Blount.  Denver uses its Atkins exception for Sessions and its Hunter exception for Gallinari

Why Denver does it: Its really not a bad haul for JR and some scrubs.  Gallinari has every bit the upside and potential of JR, just in different areas and replaces his production off the bench.  By getting Sessions we solve the "if we trade JR, AC gets 20 minutes again" dilemma.  Curry, well its Eddy freaking Curry, but (hmm let me try to spin this positive) Curry has one thing Denver desperately needs, but is so hard to find, Beef, and lots of it.  He's a legit 7 footer and from what I've heard has got into great shape but just can't crack the roster in NY (red flag, yes I know)


Why Minny does it: They get JR and Balkman for Sessions and a retired player.  The Timberwolves could certainly use some wing scoring, unless of course they are playing the Nuggets in which Corey Brewer morphs into Kobe Bryant.  Also this trade eases up the log jam at pg


Why NY does it: For those of you living under a rock the past 2 years, the Knicks would cream their pants if we called up and offered to take Curry's contract and give them expirings in return.  Also, its well known by Donnie Walsh, the league, you, your brother and his golden retriever that nobody is taking Curry's contract unless Gallinari is part of the deal, nobody.


Why Denver doesn't do it: Cash, for starters, after tax we're taking on about another 12 million, and we add another 8 mil+ to next years cap figure, pretty much leaving us with only veteran mins and a mid level to hand out.  However, Curry and Kmart come off the books at the same time, would make for an eventful summer in 2011.  Curry is also an issue.  Is he healthy? Can he perform? At all? Key questions that have to be asked.


Why Minny doesn't do it:  Maybe they feel they're not getting enough value in return for Sessions, but I think Minny gets a good deal in this trade


Why NY doesn't do it:  Gallinari has become the star of what will be an otherwise forgettable season in NY, losing him means, well...losing, and a lot.  NY would have a real nice shot at that number one pick.  It comes down to what does NY want more, 2010 cap space or Gallinari.


So like I said, probably not the best trade idea, but throwing it out there. Aaaaaaaand go!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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