Possible Bigs to Bring In

We all know that we need another stiff - and so does the front office.

Since Denver is winning now, the FO isn't in a huge rush to bring someone in at the moment. They are waiting for the right move, and a bad move could disrupt team chemistry or morale.

Instead of writing up a far fetched wish list, I'm going to drop some names that we may actually be able to bring in. I'm also scoring each big, 1-10, for how easy it will be to get them and how well they fit our needs. (10 being the most likely/best fit)

The Stiffs:

DJ Mbenga - Chance: 3 Need: 7.  He is averaging 3.9 rebounds in 11.1 minutes - good for a 16.8 RP40min rate. He has size, athleticism, and shot blocking ability to go with his rebounding. He has been a rotation player on a championship team, and has experience against Gasol and Bynum as well as the dreaded Magic and Celtics. Since he plays regularly for the Lakers, I don't know why they would trade him to a team they likely wouldn't want to see in the playoffs.

Nazr Mohammed - Chance: 5 Need: 8.  A big body and proven rebounder and shotblocker. He is a world-class underachiever, remaining one of the few overrated-underrated guys in the league. 5pts, 3.5 rebs, and 1 block in a meager 11.7 minutes per game.

Dan Gadzuric - Chance: 6 Need: 6. Averaging about 3 rebounds and 3 points in 10 minutes. He has some toughness and athletacism, and played under Karl back when he was the coach in Milwaukee. He isn't part of the Bucks future plans, and could help us out this season in spot duty.

Marcin Gortat - Chance: 2 Need: 9. His minutes are up slightly from last year, and so is his production. Since the George Karl likes to go small, I couldn't see him playing any more than he does in Orlando. However, he is a competent big man and tougher and more hard nosed (no pun intended) than any other potential bigs on the Nuggets radar. I could almost see the Magic trading him to us out of contempt for L.A. - but they will hold on to him to face other stacked frontcourts in the East and as insurance for when Dwight gets in foul trouble.

Etan Thomas - Chance: 7 Need: 5. He is shorter than Petro but stronger and a more capable defender in the post than both Petro and Allen. He doesn't bring a lot to the table, but would be a solid alternative to nothing. Right now he's averaging 4 pts, 4.1 rbs, 1blk in 18 min a game with the Thunder.

Hilton Armstrong - Chance: 7 Need: 5. Perhaps a bit slighter in build than we need, he is a capable center that has shown some flashes of game in his time with the Hornets. He can be inconsistent, but again would be an improvement over Petro and Allen. 3.7 points and 3.5 rebounds in 15 mpg.


Other Notables: Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Richard Hendrix, Dwayne Jones, Hamed Haddadi, Chris Mihm, Robert Swift


Anyone else have anyone they'd like to see land with the Nuggets as a 4th big?

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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